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  • "Hollywood" £30

    Everything But The Girl! This one’s for the real exhibitionist in all of us. It’s ALL off for maximum impact.

  • "Brazilian" £30

    This is a slightly more modest version of the “Hollywood”, taking everything apart from a small flattering strip or v-shape at the front.

  • "G-String" £25

    We’ll go as high as you do, working around your tiniest thong, smoothing the top, sides and undercarriage.

  • "Tidy Wax" Bespoke £40

    Ah, the world’s your oyster! Let your imagination run free or let us tailor a look just for you. A heart? A star? Your beloved’s initial? What do you fancy today?

  • "Bikini" £20

    This is the traditionalist’s bikini wax for the more demure dame and damsel. We’ll crop any unsightly sprouting leaving you trim and tidy, but without unnecessary recourse to your nether regions!

  • Full leg £25
  • Half leg £18
  • Underarm (using non-strip hot wax) £11
  • Extraction

    If you follow our aftercare instructions, you shouldn’t be troubled by any ingrowing hairs, but if they do occur we can pluck those plucky pluckers for a small fee.

  • Courses

    In order to maintain your new look AND save the pennies, why don’t you book a course of waxing treatments? When it comes to your down below, less is definitely more! Now you can get more for less; you get 6 treatments for the price of 5!!! All courses expire 1 year from the day of purchase.

Amazing & professional! Best waxing service around by a long shot, won’t be going anywhere else ever! Thank you

I have been having a intimate wax with Suzanne for almost a year now, the first time was dreaded through the thought of pain and embarrassment. I must say, yes its not the most pleasant pain free experience the first time around but it is much more pain free the second time around. Suzanne made me feel at ease right away with her friendly nature. I would highly recommend Tidy Wax to all of my friends and family.

I would recommend Suzanne to anybody! She’s friendly and I wouldn’t want a wax treatment from anywhere else now that I have been to tidywax as they are great! Suzanne always finds time to fit me into her busy schedule as my working hours aren’t sociable. Never any problems and a comfortable experience :) Highly recommended!

I have been going to Tidy Wax for over a year now. Best decision ever! Suzanne is amazing at what she does and puts you to ease. I’ve never had a wax but it was easy. It’s a clean, trustworthy and professional service. Don’t hesitate! You will not regret it!

Couldn’t recommend Suzanne enough, by far the best wax I’ve had and relatively pain-free! Very professional but also friendly, always feel comfortable and at ease!

I highly recommend Suzanne! I had never been waxed before I went here and I haven’t gone anywhere else since and now been going to Suzanne for well over 6 months. Everyone gets nervous but honestly you couldn’t feel more comfortable and the end results are well worth it you will not want to go anywhere else! 

Chloe, Shrewsbury.

“This one is for the curvy girls… What are you waiting for? I promise you there are no obscure positions or stretching flabby bits in order to get the perfect finish. Suzanne is warm, friendly, professional and quite frankly a waxing genius, the end result is as exactly as you would wish, (oddly without the expected pain) the service is exceptional!! Shout it from the roof tops ladies It’s the intimate waxing service we’ve all been waiting for. Thank you Suzanne Xx”

Lisa, Shrewsbury

“Suzanne was recommended by a friend of mine and what can I say?! I’ve never looked back! Best decision I made going to her for my wax and as a wax virgin I was relatively nervous but she made me feel at complete ease and I was made very comfortable! Highly recommend Suzanne for anyone wanting a wax of any sort :) xxx”

Sarah , Shrewsbury

“I have been going to Suzanne at Tidy Wax for 4 Months now and travel 30 Miles to go there as she makes you feel very comfortable, and does an excellent ‘full’ job’! Its worth every penny…. I would definitely recommend!”

Hannah, Newtown

“I can not recommend tidy wax enough. I’ve been twice now for a Hollywood wax. I was so nervous the first time I went. But Suzanne is lovely. Very professional yet puts you at ease straight away I actually forgot I was getting waxed at one point. The salon is extremely clean & I wouldn’t go anywhere else now for a wax. Can not recommend highly enough. I’m sure there at places closer to me I could not be happier with the results so wouldn’t go anywhere else. “

Lilly, Telford

“Being a brazilian virgin I was over the moon when I met Suzanne and her beautiful studio where the deed is done. Suzanne is unbelievably professional whilst being a warm and wonderful lady, who puts you at complete ease and comfort considering your baring all! I have done nothing but recommend her since going and would travel any distance to continue having my wax with her for years to come.

Mary, Tettenhall

“I’ve been going to Tidywax for about six months now and I will never go anywhere else!! I always feel very comfortable and always satisfied with the results. I’ve been having hollywoods for over a year now and trust me they get easier. I’ve personally never found them that painful, despite what you hear they really aren’t that bad. Suzanne is great too! She’s always one for a chat and I enjoy our monthly catch up. “

Rachael, Telford

“Suzanne at Tidy Wax was recommended to me last year and now I will not conside going anywhere else! I was made to feel very comfortable and at ease. The results are truely amazing with no nasty redness or soreness post wax! Suzanne is a true professional and comes highly recommended! xxx”

Felicity, Whitchurch

waxing faq

Is there really such a big difference between this new hot wax and the traditional strip wax?

YES! We can’t emphasise this enough! Because the luxurious, hot wax is spread on thick and allowed to dry before it’s peeled off it has a chance to seal itself around each hair to get the best purchase on its root. This makes it a LOT less painful, and results in fewer ingrown hairs, and less breakage and longer regrowth periods: in other words, the results are prettier and more purse-friendly.

All in all, it’s a no-brainer.

How long should I let the hair grow before waxing?

We can deal with razed stubble or the most unruly bush! As long as it’s longer than 1mm we’ll get it! So, if you’ve shaved, leave it three weeks or so before coming to see us, depending on your regrowth cycle.
And don’t worry if you haven’t tended the garden for a while; we will trim it down to a manageable lawn before the wax, but of course this means more time with your pants down. It’s up to you, and what you feel comfortable with.

Can I have such an intimate wax while I have my period?

Come on! Ever since that wailing blonde roller-bladed down the beach we know we can do anything during our period.
But do wear a fresh tampon – to save both our blushes!

Hey, if you’ve got the painters in anyway, you might as well have the garden landscaped at the same time.

Does it Hurt?

Unfortunately, we can’t say categorically “No”, as everyone has a different pain threshold, and variation in thickness and coarseness of hair may figure too. (And, with regard to the last point, it’s worth remembering that some people claim they are more sensitive during their period.) BUT, we can categorically say that this is the least painful waxing method available, and it will become easier and easier with regular waxing as the hairs become finer, lighter and sparser after only a few treatments.

How Long Does It Last?

Few people actually enjoy the task of hair removal; However relaxed and comfortable we aim to make you, we know you’d still rather be somewhere else. So you want to be doing it as infrequently as possible.
With the dreaded razor, you’ll have itchy, unsightly stubble within a day or two.
Stinky, messy depilatory creams may give you a few more days’ grace.
But with Hotwax, we recommened you only come once every 4 weeks.
Again, everyone’s different and you may notice slight regrowth after a week or 10 days, but after only a few treatments you will find you stay smoother for longer.

Will it Be Comfortable?

Not wanting to bang on about it (!), but did we mention we use a revolutionary type of wax which, in our specially trained and highly skilled hands, will minimise any discomfort. So, hopefully, no chaffing, itching or soreness, and no surreptious scratching at the checkout using only your upper thighs!
In fact, the only new sensation should be a delightful, refreshing breeze around the nether regions!

What About Aftercare?

As long as you’re reasonably sensible over the next 24 hours you can pretty much forget about it. You must keep the area clean and avoid all forms of heat and friction.
To make it easy to remember:
No lotions, no potions,
No tubs, no rubs,
No tan, no man,
No gym, no swim.
It is perfectly normal to see small bumps or redness immediately after the treatment but this should quickly fade. Obviously, if the symptoms persist longer than 48 hours, or if you are in any way concerned, do call us at the salon.

Can I have a Wax if I'm Pregnant?

Actually, many doctors and midwives recommend an intimate wax a week before the birth.

And let’s face it, you’re going to be flashing your bits more often and to more people over the next few months than at (probably) any other point in your life. Can you think of a better time to be as ship shape and Bristol fashion as possible, without the continual worry about the upkeep?

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